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Leafs — Waste Removal in Townsville QLD

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Green waste pick-up & removal

Hughie’s Garden Bags offers green waste removal services and bulk removal. We remove waste such as grass clippings, branches and leaves. We also offer advanced payment discounts for those who pay six and twelve months ahead of schedule. We pride ourselves in helping clients keep their property clean all year long.

Garden Bags

We supply, deliver and install garden bags for green waste at residential and commercial properties in Townsville. Our high-quality garden bags are large and durable, capable of holding more than two wheelie bins worth of green waste.

We work out a schedule with every client for routine pick-ups. The majority of our clients require a monthly service with the option of extra collections at an additional cost. Our price breakdown for garden bags is as follows:

  • Monthly service - $16
  • Extra collections - $18
  • 6 months advanced payment (6 collections) - $86.40
  • 12 months advanced payment (12 collections) - $163.20

Our clients do not have to worry about getting the bin out to the street for pick-up as our team changes the bag on-site. If your bag is empty when the collection is due, give us 24-hour’s notice, and we will skip collection at no charge to you.
Green Waste — Waste Removal in Townsville QLD

Green Waste Removal

Whether you recently completed a home or business renovation project or have excess waste that has slowly built up over time, our team can help clear out the green waste.

At Hughie’s Garden Bags, we offer free quotes to all who are interested in bulk removal, so feel free to reach out to our team to discuss your green waste removal needs.

Terms & Conditions

  • Bag must be left in front yard for easy access and to avoid any issues with pets.
  • Bag is to be filled with green waste ONLY. No dirt, concrete, animal excretion, metal and general waste, etc. Green waste from our garden bags is recycled as garden mulch and used in gardens around Townsville. Only clean green waste accepted.
  • Garden bags have a weight limit of 80kg and a volume limit to the fold over flaps. If the bags are overfilled, an excess charge of $10 will apply. As the health and safety of our staff is paramount, we would appreciate your cooperation in maintaining this limit.
  • Our collectors will only pick up green waste that has been put in the bag unless other arrangements have been made.
  • If you do not require a pick-up for that month, call or text 24hrs before your scheduled pick-up and no charges apply. The next month pick up will be scheduled as normal.
  • If your bag is empty and no notice is given, full monthly charges will apply.
  • Payments can be made by cash, credit card and direct deposits. (2% surcharge on credit card).
  • Payment is due upon delivery of bag and each service including extra collections. Damaged, lost or stolen bags or frames will incur a fee of $40 per frame and $20 per bag.
  • Garden bags and frames remain the property of Hughie’s Garden Bags.
  • Once your account remains unpaid for two months, services will be suspended until all outstanding monies are received. If payment has not been received by your next collection date, your service will be cancelled.
  • If your service has been cancelled due to an unpaid account, you have seven days to pay the outstanding monies before it is sent to our debt collection agency for recovery.
  • Any expenses, costs or disbursements incurred by Hughie's Garden Bags in recovery or attempted recovery of overdue monies, including debt collection agency and/or solicitor's costs, shall be paid by you, the customer in full.
  • Services will continue until cancellation has been made by you, the customer via phone, text, email or in person giving at least 24 hours' notice. This includes paid in advanced customers.
  • Prices are subject to change.
  • Hughie's Garden Bags reserves the right to refuse service to any customer who is not willing to comply with our terms and conditions.
  • Whilst all care will be taken, Hughie’s Garden Bags will not be held liable for any damages or injury caused by our bag or frame to persons or property.
  • By accepting a bag and frame from Hughie’s Garden Bags you, the customer, hereby acknowledge and accept to abide by Hughie’s Garden Bags terms and conditions.
  • Hughie's Garden Bags reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions if, and when necessary.
Leafs — Waste Removal in Townsville QLD

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my bag serviced bimonthly? I don’t have enough waste to need a monthly service.
Yes. We have a bimonthly service for those who don't have enough to fill the bag monthly.
How do I know when you’re coming to service my bag?
Can I pause my service if I’m going away?
Is it cheaper if I pay in advance?
What happens if I don’t need a collection?
I have a big pile of green waste, can you take that away?
how much green waste fits into a bag?
I sometimes fill my bag before my collection date, can I get an early or extra collection?